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About Gina Valentina

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Little Gina Valentina skipped over to my place after we matched on Tinder. She had just turned 19 and was really eager to experiment with rough sex. She said she had always fantasized about being choked and fucked really rough and nasty. She had always been reserved and shy, but loved to watch crazy hardcore porn. So apparently when she turned 18 she started thinking about actually trying it with someone. She said she had been looking for someone for over a year but no one seemed to be the right fit. Well thats where I came in. I  just spoke top her honestly and with respect for her fantasy. I told her I could teach her things she hadn't even thought of yet and explained to her what I would do. She loved it and decided that the time had finally come for her to experience those things in real life, and not just in porn. Well it turned out to be one of the nastiest, most brutal dates I ever went on. I completely destroyed Gina and she was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. Just look at this picture! That's the face of a happy girl.  


  • Fun Fact: Found on Tinder

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