Veronica Avluv

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Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv

Age: 45

Height: 5'2"

Dates: Nov. 12 – Her Mom Catfished Me!, Feb. 8 – Veronica Behind the Scenes!

Hello there.

My name’s Veronica and I’m actually using my daughter’s account without her knowing about it (shhh! Don’t tell!) I’ve always been a slut and I raised my daughter the same way. She understands that, if a man is deserving, a woman’s holes belong to him to use however he pleases. I haven’t been fucked up may ass for a lonnnng time since my husband left so every once in awhile I sneak onto my daughter’s account on this site to find guys to meet up with. If you are respectful, but also know how to say the right things, and you know how to fuck a woman’s asshole, then message me now. I won’t be on here for long, since my daughter is only away at school during the day.



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