Sydney Cole

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Sydney Cole

Sydney Cole

DOB: 1/23/1997

Eye color: Green

Found on:

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Tits: B cup

Dates: March 4 – Cute But Psycho

Sydney was one of those girls who likes to be a all contrary and bratty. I usually steer clear of those types but this one was way too hot to pass up. It was a tough call. She kinda had resting-bitch-face, which is usually a major red flag, but a lot of times that can be deceiving. What looks like resting-bitch-face is really just a pretty girl in weird lighting. Besides, I turn resting-bitch-face into resting-bitch-facefuck! Well, I decided to take one for the team, and it paid off big time. Over the phone she seemed pretty chill, but once I got her on the couch she started giving me a little attitude. I saw through it right away though. She was just trying to get a rise out of me and see how I would handle it. If I acted immature and like an asshole, she’d bail, if I acted cool and like it didn’t bother me, she was mine. Well you can guess what I did. About 20 minutes later I had┬ápuking for me like it was her job. The girls throat was so deep I couldn’t stop pushing my cock all the way back into it. Towards the end I caught one her incisors on my dick and it gave me a nasty little bruise, small price to pay to face fuck a babe like Sydney!

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