Olivia Young

Posted By on 10/2/2016 in

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Olivia Young

Olivia Young

Age: 21

Height: 5'4"

Dates: Oct. 2 – Anal First Date, Dec. 7 – Olivia Behind the Scenes!

Oh hai!

I’ve never really done this before, u kno like, gone on a dating site. I don’t even really kno why I’m here but I’m pretty bored at home today so I figured why not! I like anime, and instagram and tumblr and sometimes I like to make memes lol. I’ve made some pretty funny ones, I’ll show u! I know this site is pretty much just for people to hook up so I understand if you’re going to want to fuck. That’s fine I’m really good at deep throating, the only problem is sometimes I puke if you push it too far but it’s whatever. Also I CAN’T get pregnant so u have to fuck me in my asshole if u wanna fuck.

Ok well that’s all! I never know what to write in these things lol..



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