Natalie Brooks

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Natalie Brooks

Natalie Brooks

Dates: Oct. 14 – Episode 213

Hey guys!

My name’s Natalie! I just joined the site today because my friends where talking about it. They said this is the place to find guys who can make you puke so here I am! I LOVE TO PUKE ON COCK! It’s my favorite, don’t ask me why! It makes my pussy feel good when I let the puke up, especially if a guy is poking the back of my throat with his cock. I am NOT looking for anything serious or long-term, just looking for guys who wanna fuck me. If you want a girlfriend I’m not the one, trust me! LOL. Anyway if you wanna take me out to lunch, then make me puke it all up again just send me a message here!

I can’t wait to meet you!

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