Kennedy Kressler

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Kennedy Kressler

Kennedy Kressler

DOB: 4/18/1995

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Tattoos and piercings: None

Tits: A cup

Dates: Facefuck Friend Request.., June 25 – Best Kept Secret

So I was just lurking the internet one day (nothing new) when I matched up with this chick Kennedy Kressler. I like petite girls as much as the next guy, but brother, this girl was tinyyyyy. Her online profile said she weighed 80 pounds and I believed it. She looked like a sexy, blonde mouse. We chatted for a minute or two and she said she was being grounded for sneaking out to see boys, something about her and Jonny, Mark and Tyrone in the shed. I knew better than to press the issue, If you really wanna fuck sluts, you can’t hate on em at the same time, that just makes em clam up. I told her if she couldn’t go to the boys, maybe the boys should come to her. Bingo. That did it. Within an hour she snuck me through her bedroom window and I was trying to squeeze my cock into her tiny little mouth. She was so light-weight I could just kinda hold her up and use her body to jerk myself off with, if you can get what I mean haha. It was tight! Would recommend.

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