Karla Kush

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Karla Kush

Karla Kush

Dates: Oct. 7 – Episode 212 – ANAL, July 1 – Karla Kush Behind the Scenes

Hiiii boyyyys!

I’m Karla! I’m pretty new around here so go easy on me! LOL. One of my girl friends (who’s also a total whore) told me I would like this website so I just joined up today. THIS SITE IS CRAZY! Is it really just a bunch of guys and girls meeting up and fucking each other!? I’m not judging it just took me by surprise! Anyway, I’m no prude so don;t get me wrong lol. I LOVE to suck cock and I LOVE getting fucked. I usually like it pretty rough and intense tho, so if you prefer to fuck a girl all slow and sensual, don;t bother hitting me up. One other thing, it might sound weird but I’m not a huge fan of pussy sex, my favorite is when a guy doesn’t even touch my pussy and just fucks me up my ass. Idk why but it just feels better to me! If you wanna chat and maybe meet up then send me a message here!

Kk bye boyyyys


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