Emma Hix

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Emma Hix

Emma Hix

Dates: Nov. 25 – Episode 219, Feb. 23 – Episode 232 – ANAL, May 5 – Emma Hix Behind the Scenes, May 25 – Emma Hix 2 Behind the Scenes

Hi again everybody!

I’m sure a LOT of you guys already recognize me… I used to be on this site looking for new dick like, all the time lol. So if we’ve already fucked be patient and give the new guys a chance first! 😉 I’ve been taking a break from meeting up with men lately but I’m BACK and ready for more. I am NOT looking for a boyfriend or to be taken out on some boring romantic date. I’m here to get FUCKED! I like it rough and nasty, and at the moment, I’m craving it up my asshole. If you don’t like fucking girls up their ass then don’t message me! But if you’re down and wanna meet up then let’s talk!

K boys ttyl!

Luv ;* Emma HiXXX

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