Daphne Dare

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Daphne Dare

Daphne Dare

Dates: Mar. 17 – Episode 182


My name is Daphne. Don’t judge, but I found this website when I was looking for porn LOL! I masturbate a lot (whenever I can’t find a cock to suck) and I stumbled onto this website while I was rubbing my pussy! It looks interesting… I never go on dating websites, I usually like to find guys randomly when I go out. But most of the guys I let fuck me don’t really know how to do it the way I want. I like when guys fuck me REALLY rough and nasty. I can take a lot so as long as you know what you’re doing, I like it as hard as you can give it me! I’m not doing anything today and I’m tired of masturbating so if you want to fuck just hit me up on here!

kk byyyye


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