Charlotte Sartre

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Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

DOB: 12/6/1997

Eye color: Blue

Found on:

Hair color: Black

Tattoos and piercings: Several

Tits: B cup

Dates: March 11 – Kawaii Ass Fuck, March 14 – Charlotte Behind the Scenes!, May 26 – Charlotte’s Anal Resurrection, June 5 – Charlotte Behind the Scenes!

I met Charlotte through this site GothSlutHookup. She’s one of these bad-ass little kawaii goth internet sluts. If you’re on Instagram you probably know what I’m talking about (and if you don’t know what kawaii is go look it up, thank me later). This younger generation of girls is getting freakier and freakier with their style and Charlotte is no exception. A lot of guys would probably skip her just because of how scary and intimidating she seems. Not me haha. I saw right passed all the black clothes and gloomy, “fuck you” facial expressions and went for the throat. I knew this girl was a total freak and could be turned into something amazing with the right treatment and approach. Well I slid into her DM’s and hit her with some straightforward dominant talk and she fell right into my hands. I told her to come over to my place and once she got here I instantly knew I had a special one. She was way tinier in person than in her photos and she proudly told me she only weighs 95 pounds. Well after I reamed out her ass hole for an hour and a half and puke fucked all the fluid out of her, I think she probably tops out around 90 now. Either way, don’t miss this date, it’s an epic one.

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