Aubrey Marie

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Aubrey Marie

Aubrey Marie

Age: 22

Hair color: blonde

Height: 5'1

Tattoos and piercings: Yes

Weight: 103

Dates: Mar. 25 – SEX TAPE: Aubrey


I’m Aubrey! I’m 22, 5’1, 103 pounds and cute A-cup tits! I’m not very experienced with sex so I figured I would come on this site and find a guy who could teach me about it. I had a boyfriend all thru high school and he was really controlling so I’m just looking for guys to have fun with right now. I know I like to suck cock and I definitely LOVE the taste of cum. Sometimes my bf would fuck me really hard and rough and I liked that a lot. If you wanna meet up and see what you can show me just message me here!

Okay byyye!

Aubrey XooXXXo

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