Piper Perri- HUGE Bonus Photo Set!

Posted By on 2/4/2016 in Hookup Hot Tips

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Piper Perri- HUGE Bonus Photo Set!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 2/4/2016

Piper Perri- HUGE Bonus Photo Set!




Ok. So Piper Perri was definitely one of the most intense dates I’ve been on with an Internet chick. If you’re a member and have watched it, then you already know why. If you’re not a member and have only seen the trailer, I’m here to tell you that ain’t shit haha. A few different moments stick out in my mind, but by far my favorite part of the date was all the times I got to inspect Piper’s guts through her pussy. I started out with a speculum and made sure I stretched her vagina out to it’s maximum width (I could tell because the speculum started bumping up against her pelvic bone). Then later on in the date I had her pull her pussy open with her hands and push real hard til the insides started coming out a little. I don’t know man, call me nasty, call me a freak, call me whatever you want. I like seeing a cute girl’s pussy getting gaped out, so sue me. Here’s 50 bonus pics I took while I was turning her body inside out with my cock. Enjoy!


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