Lola Fae

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Lola Fae

Lola Fae

Height: brown

Dates: Dec 17 – ANAL SEX TAPE: Lola, Feb. 8 – Lola Fae Behind the Scenes

Hi everyone!

I’m Lola! I’m looking for the right guy to plunge my asshole for me! I’m only 4′ 11″ so you have to be careful not to break me, but I love getting fucked rough! My favorite is when a guy knows just how to blow out my asshole so I forget about everything and can just get fucked for hours! And the best part about anal is that you can’t get pregnant! If you know how to fuck a tiny girl up the ass and want to pump a load up it just send me a message and let’s hang out!

K Bye talk to u soon!



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