Anastasia Knight

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Anastasia Knight

Anastasia Knight

Age: 18

Hair color: Blonde

Tits: 34A

Weight: 106

Dates: Jan. 13 – SEX TAPE: Anastasia, June 17 – Anastasia Knight Behind the Scenes!

Hi boys!

I’m Anastasia! I’m 19 and I LOVE to fuck! Lol! I spend most of my free time between classes cruising around on the internet looking for cock to suck. I may look innocent but my favorite thing in the world is to get used up by a guy and left with a belly full of cum on the floor. Most guys don’t wanna fuck me as hard as I like, maybe they don;t know how, but if you do then you should send me a message! I’m always down to meet up and I can;t wait to suck your cock and see how hard you can fuck me!

K bye for now!



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