Cece Capella Bonus Photos!

Posted By on 2/22/2016 in Hookup Hot Tips

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Cece Capella Bonus Photos!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 2/22/2016

Cece Capella Bonus Photos!

My date with Cece Capella was really fun. She’s an awesome girl who just wanted to get brutally fucked in the right way. When we were chatting on my couch, she told me she had never been fucked really rough before and was very curious about it. Once we got started though, it was clear she was totally up for a challenge. I slowly took her from cute little teeny bopper, to slimy cross-eyed cum drunk mess. She loved every second of it because it was what she wanted and I made her feel safe. I made sure to listen and communicate well. See, when you act responsibly and correctly, that’s when you get into the really nasty shit!

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