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Coming Soon: Double Date with Gina & Melissa!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 8/17/2016

  I had already been on a date with both Gina and Melissa before, but never at the same time. They hit me up the other day and said they wanted to come over and hang out. What followed was the most nasty, hot, adorable and brutal date I’ve ever been on. These girls are […]

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Coming Soon: Stevie Behind the Scenes!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 8/1/2016

Last week I posted my date with Stevie Foxx, a super cute punk rock type girl who wanted to come over and hang out. She was awesome. It’s strange, you never can tell if a girl will be a good puker until you push your cock into the back of her throat. Idk, for some […]

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Coming Soon: Ivy Aura gets destroyed!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 7/28/2016

I met this girl Ivy Aura on tumblr a few months ago. She’s the classic internet girl; cute, quirky and weird, skinny little body, goth style, she’s the whole package lol. Anyway we started chatting about going out some time and it became clear to me that she might actually be down to be on […]

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Coming Soon: Megan Rain Behind The Scenes!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 7/24/2016

My recent date with Megan Rain was one of my all-time favorites and has proven to be one of the most popular on the site. What she and I did in there, well, you have to see it to believe it. It’s called “Journey Into the Asshole” for a reason. We explored some new frontiers […]

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Coming Soon: Stevie gets puke fucked!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 7/20/2016

So last week I got an instagram message from this girl Stevie telling me how much she wanted to puke on my cock. I lovvvvve Instagram! We chatted back and forth about what I would end up doing to her if she decided to come over and nothing seemed to phase her. No matter what […]

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Coming this weekend: Anal Date with Megan Rain!

Posted by Bryan Gozzling, 7/13/2016

  I’m assuming most of you have heard of, or at least seen, Megan Rain. She’s probably one of the top sluts in the country right now. Well, just my luck that I found her on a dating site here in Southern California! We hit it off right away and I had her over the […]

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